Sean Archer Workshop

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About the workshop

Sean Archer is the most influential photographer of portraits nowadays. He has won several national and international awards. His photos have been covers from the world's most important photography magazines and have made him the most popular photographer at, based in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

In 2017 will offer a series of workshops around the world, including in Barcelona with the exclusive collaboration of the professional model Irina Popova - cover model and official poster.

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Sean Archer shares his experience with you


During the workshop I will tell you about my career as a photographer, explain how to work only with natural light, without flashes, reflectors or any other artificial light, and how to achieve the best results with minimal resources and investment thanks to that natural light. We will work with models applying the technique and, in a short time, we will obtain great results, because based in my philosophy, a good photographer should also be a good painter. Working on artistic photography, I will explain why it is so important. I will share the knowledge with which I get this distinction in my photographs so you can put it into practice in your work.


I will teach my editing methods and you will see that they are very simple (I do not use masks, nor separation of frequencies), but they guarantee a final result of high quality, investing less time in the edition than what you could think. We will make compositions, we will work with light, color, texture. We will do some in black and white and we will get a job worthy of the cover of a magazine, only with a photo made at home thanks to simple and effective methods.

You can register in the complete workshop "Photography and retouching" or only "Retouching"

Workshop schedule

Day 1

Theoretical part (2 hours):

  • Artistic approach to photography
  • Basics of the art of painting that can be used in photography
  • Photographic communities as a tool for work and promotion

Practical part (3 hours):

  • Adjustment tips for beginners
  • Shooting with natural light
  • Working with a model

Day 2

Retouching / Photoshop

  • Composition, how to make a successful cut
  • Useful plugins for Photoshop
  • Working with light in Photoshop
  • Simple methods of working with skin
  • Realistic eyes
  • Textures
  • Color, cross processing
  • Conversion to black and white
  • Sharpness
  • Test of retouch following step by step methods explained
  • Review of participants portfolio and Sean Archer tips

At the end of the workshop each participant will be given two PSD files to practice and review material at home.

To take full advantage of the workshop and the retouching part, we recommend a basic level of Photoshop, with knowledge of different tools.

The workshop will be taught in English with translation into Spanish.

Info and booking: